Andara Pendants

Monatomic Andara Pendants
Andaras are bio-electric transmitters allowing inter-dimensional communication with Star Realms not from this Galaxy.
What makes these stones so special is the Etherium or Prima Matra found in the land where the volcano resides in Indonesia, a
place known by the people as the oldest Temple of Lemuria. 
Sumatra and Java, are areas of Indonesia where the ring of fire is alive.
 There are several live volcanos that go into the ocean.The different colors of Andara Obsidian are created with the rich Etherium Gold Ormus mineral land cooled by the ocean, this creates the different colors. Obsidian has been known to clear illusions and to pierce through the veils to see pure truth with clarity. The Ring of Fire is known as the Heart of the Earth. The pulsing of the veins of our Great Mother Gaia.
These stones are also known as the Children of Pele. As Goddess Pele awakens the world through her fires of transformation, so does our awakening occur as children of the Mother. 
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Andara Pendants
$135.00 - $222.00
  • Sm Aqua G
  • Sm Shaman Brown
  • Sm Gold
  • Sm Gold S
  • Sm Gaia G
  • Sm Gaia Green S
  • Sm Violet
  • Sm Isis G
  • Sm Isis S
  • Sm Light Purple
  • Sm Amber
  • Sm Burgundy S
  • Sm Red
  • Sm Pink G
  • Sm Pink S
  • Med Isis
  • Med Hot Pink
  • Med Pink
  • Med Champaign
  • Med Gaia Green
  • Med Mermaid Blue
  • Med Shaman Brown
  • Med Purple
  • Med Forrest Green
  • Med Magenta Round
  • Med Gaia Round
  • Med Isis Round
  • Med Pink Round
  • Med Orange Round
  • Double Aqua/Purple
  • Double Aqua/Pink
  • Double Gaia/Gold
  • Double Gaia/Pink
  • Double Gold/Orange
  • Aqua Round
  • Magenta Round
  • Gaia Round
  • Gaia Round S
  • Gold Round
  • Isis Round
  • Peach Round
  • Pink Round
  • Purple Round
  • Shakina Round
  • Orange Round
  • Yellow Round
  • Aqua Merkaba
  • Teal Merkaba
  • Magenta Merkaba
  • Purple Merkaba
  • Lilac Merkaba
  • Magenta Merkaba S
  • Gold Merkaba
  • Orange Merkaba
  • Gaia Triangle w/ Pink
  • Pink Triangle w/ Isis
  • Aqua Triangle w/ Aqua
  • Gold Triangle w/ Aqua
  • Pink Triangle w/ Gaia
  • Aqua Triangle w/ Red
  • Aqua Triangle w/ Pink
  • Pink Triangle w/ Aqua
  • Gaia Triangle w/ Gaia
  • Red Triangle w/ Aqua
  • Lilac Triangle w/ Aqua
  • Teal Triangle w/ Pink S
  • Aqua Triangle w/ Isis
  • Sm Hot Pink
  • Sm Mermaid Blue
  • Sm Orange
  • Sm Champaign
  • Med Gaia S
  • Med Orange

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