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Mary Magdalene ⋆ Sacred Womb Alchemist ⋆ Goddess Grail


✦༻ Mary Magdalene ༺✦ Available in Notes: C# - Root/Sacral & D - Sacral ⋆ Sacred Womb Alchemist This Holy Grail Chrystal Chalice in Titanium, Red Etherium and Symbol of Mary Magdalene represents the archetype of the Sacred Womb Alchemist. As we move into our essence as the...

Mother Mary ⋆ Queen of Angels ⋆ Goddess Grail


✦༻ Mother Mary ༺✦ Available in Notes: F - Heart & F# - High Heart Thymus ⋆ Queen of Angels This Holy Grail Chrystal Chalice made from Tanzanite Titanium and White Gold Etherium, opening the gates of Heaven on Earth.      Known as...