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Sophology™ Andara Womb Wisdom Course | 7 Week

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Starting Oct 22nd 2020

Join Amma Sophia Rose with the launch of the first ever Andara Yoni Egg™ Teachings of Mu. A 7-week journey deep diving in to the wisdom of healing the Divine Union within. Reclaim Sovereignty, Abundance and Freedom through practices developed over 15 years of Shamanic Womb Oracle experience.

 Learn the alchemy of the 4 Volcanic Obsidian Andara Yoni Eggs™ Isis Auset Cobalt of Sovereignty, Shaman Christos Brown of Divine Masculine, Gaia Green Stone of Abundance and Aqua Lemuria of Vocal Awakening & Sonoluminessence.  Learn More...


༺ You are longing to connect deeper the Mother Earth...
You are seeking guidance to your Higher Self
Feeling a sense of disconnection from your womb
You are feeling pain or numbness in your vagina
You are ready to live your expanded fully activated sexual radiance

༺ Join this course if...
If you are ready to transmute unworthiness into Divine abundance
You are ready to unlock the vocal ancient womb wisdom
You are ready to release victimhood and shame

༺ Finding the Balance
You are seeking balance between being sexually closed down or addicted to sex.
You are seeking to cleanse old lovers, partners or emotional entanglements with others
You are ready to fully Activate the Diamond Light codes in your womb
You are seeking Womb Sovereignty

All Products take 4-6 weeks to complete. This wait time may be extended due to Cov-19.